Glaucoma is the name for various eye related disorders, in which the nerve of sight is damaged by the pressure inside the eyeball. In the most common form of glaucoma, there are no signs until extremely late in the disease. The peripheral vision is gradually lost, however this is often not observed in everyday living until the disease is advanced and finally affects the central vision. Therefore, glaucoma is also known as the “thief of sight.” Other forms of glaucoma can result inacute eye pain as well as rapid visual loss.

Risk factors for glaucoma consist ofgrowing age and family history. Ideally, all people who have crossed 40years of age, with a family history should have an eye check by an ophthalmologist.

The treatment for glaucoma is essentially to lower the pressure in the eye, which can be achieved by threediverseways:

  • Eye pressure lowering eye drops
  • Laser
  • Glaucoma Surgery

Why Choose Us?

The Eye Q Institute of Glaucoma is committed to enhance patient care through clinical service, research, and education. Our main focus is the care as well as treatment of patients with glaucoma, from the common to the rare form which calls for treatment not available elsewhere in India.

We follow world-class management practices in glaucoma, customized to us Indians, in a cost-effective manner, using advanced sight saving medical and surgical techniques. From the initial checkup to treatment and management of intricate situations, the whole range of glaucoma care is covered.

The Next Generation of Glaucoma Care (NGGC) represents a combination of validated newer technology, an array of new thought processes in glaucoma management and the employment of these processes for the best possible outcome for our patients.

Our eye doctors are recognized as some of the best trained in India, who seek to enhance the care of their patients.