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Laser Cataract Surgery without cut, stitches & pain

  • Successfully treated 5 Million + Patients
  • More than 30 HMO's covered
  • 2  hospitals in Nigeria & 37 Eye Hospitals in India

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Trusted Eye Care Chain

Having Global Presence

5 Million+

Patients Treated





Nigeria: Lagos (Victoria island ) & Ilupeju | India: 37 Hospitals

Many factors come into play in cataract surgery pricing around the world.

Costs vary dramatically depending on

  • The type and technique of surgery (MICS/Bladeless)- Based on the type of technology and procedures

  • The type of IOL(intraocular lens) implant- This depends on type of lens, location and the experience of the doctor

  • The surgeon’s reputation and experience

  • Pre-operative and post-operative consultations and tests
  • While a cataract surgery at a competent eye hospital in Nigeria can cost anywhere between 120,000 Naira and 1.5 Million, however on average, it costs between 180,000 Naira to 1.5 Million in most major cities

Affordable Cataract Treatment

With Latest Technology

Indian Premium Lens

Brands: Appasamy, Aurolab, Naspro Locare, Etc.

200,000 Naira to 450,000 Naira


200,000 Naira – 450,000 Naira


800,000 Naira- 1.2 Million Naira


1 Million Naira

For Toric Lens

Monofocal toric – 1 million Naira
Trifocal toric – 1.2 Million Naira

US & UK’s Premium Lenses

Brands: Baush & Lomb, Jhosnson & Jhonson, vsybiotech , Alcon

500,000 Naira- 2 Million Naira


500,000 Naira – 800,000 Naira

Multifocal & Trifocal

1.2 million – 1.8 Million Naira

For Toric Monofocals & Toric Trifocals Lens

1.3 Million to 2 Million Naira

Eye Cataract Surgery 

Package Includes



All Surgery Expenses


Free 3 Post-Op Consultation

(Physical visits or tele-consultation)

Why should you go for

Laser Cataract surgery?

  • Bladeless, and
    Painless Surgery
  • Safe & Precise
  • 20 Mins procedure 
  • Restores Clear Vision 
  • Quick Recovery
  • Promotes Eye Health

Reasons to Choose

Skipper Eye-Q

Experienced Surgeons

COVID Safe Hospitals

Hassle Free HMO's approvals

Advanced Technology

Vaccinated Team

Global Presence

Consult a Doctor If

Poor Night Vision

Blurry Vision

Multiple Eye Vision

Seeing Halos or Circles

Surgical Treatment

Robotic Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery: Femtosecond lasers technology offers bladeless and painless Cataract surgery as no manual incisions are made

Micro-incision Cataract Surgery: A small corneal incision of 1.8-2.2mm is done for removing cataract and implantation of the lens.

Phacoemulsification: A small corneal incision of 2.8mm is done and cataract is removed by ultrasonic phacoemulsification probe and IOL is implanted.

Advantages of
Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Traditional Cataract Surgery
Micro Incision Surgery
Robotic Laser Assisted Surgery

Asked Questions

  • ABOUT cataract

When is the best time to get my cataract surgery done?

Earlier the better when it comes to cataract surgery; as it avoids chances of complications caused due to maturing of Cat-aract. With advanced technology available with Skipper Eye-Q Eye Hospital, it is a safe procedure throughout the year irrespective of season.

How long will it take on the day of surgery?

Cataract surgeries at Skipper Eye- Q, are done by experts using advanced technology. The surgery lasts for 5 to 15 minutes. Entire process from admission to discharge takes about 3-4 hours.

How long will a artificial lens (IOL) last?

Cataract lenses are designed to last an entire lifetime if they are implanted timely under skilled hands and are done using advanced equipments. The intraocular lens is placed permanently in your eye and will not "wear out".

What happens if Blood pressure or sugar gets high during surgery?

We have experts in our clinical team who can take care of it before or during surgery