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ICL Procedure

Know about ICL Procedure

  • The implant surgery is brief and virtually painless, typically taking only 10-15 minutes.
  • Before the procedure, the vicinity of your eyes will be meticulously cleaned, and a sterile drape may be positioned around your eye.
  • Your eyes will be numbed using either eye drops or a local anesthetic.
  • Once your eye is fully anesthetized, an eyelid speculum will be gently inserted to prevent blinking throughout the procedure.
  • Recovery time is brief, and the benefits of the surgery become evident almost immediately.
  • The majority of patients can return to their regular activities within just one week.

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Trusted Eye Care Chain Having Global Presence

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    Successfully treated

    5 Million + Patients

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    3 hospitals in Nigeria

    & 29 Eye Hospitals in India

Advanced technology

ICL Procedure With Latest Technology

  • Dedicated counsellor

  • All surgery expenses included

  • Safe

Why Skipper Eye-Q

Why Skipper Eye-Q

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    Advanced Technology

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    U.S and U.K Standard

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    Renowned doctor team

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    Hassle Free HMO Approvals

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Eyes Our Priority

Skipper Eye-Q Super Speciality Eye hospital is an International Eye Hospital chain with the presence of 29 Eye hospitals in India and 3 in Nigeria. All types of Eye Surgeries such as Cataract, Retina, Glaucoma, presbyopia, cornea, squint, refractive error and other vision problems, having treated 5 + Million patients. Get same treatment in Nigeria as in US, UK and India. 15 Years in Eye Care. HMO Empanelled Hospitals

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