December 19, 2023

In growing skin aging concerns, such as dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and skin pigmentation, under-eye patches are an effective and quick fix. Having obtained a significant presence in the skin care industry, under-eye patches are crafted to target all the above concerns while doing much more. They are available in various exciting and effective ingredient combinations that are distinct in their terms yet address the fundamental concerns effectively. Besides, a little self-care never hurts anyone, so take a few minutes out of your busy routine to indulge in a relaxing eye-care experience.

What Are Under-Eye Patches?

Under-eye patches are masks specially designed for the delicate skin of the eyes. These patches are made of hydrogel. However, some patches are also made from bio-cellulose, cloth, and other skin-friendly materials. The under-eye patches are soaked in essences and serums enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients that help target persistent skin problems.

A scientist from South Korea first invented the under-eye patches. Initially, eye patches were made using a fabric saturated with emulsion, lending a sticky texture akin to early band-aids. Over time, spurred by industry advancements and an increased focus on self-care, under-eye patches have become affordable and highly ergonomic solutions, boasting refined designs and functionality.

Benefits of Under-Eye Patches

  1. Provide Care for Eyes
    Under-eye patches are superheroes for the sensitive eye area. While eye creams deliver overall care, patches provide targeted eye treatment. Packed with potent ingredients, they concentrate on hydrating, firming, brightening, and decreasing puffiness. Applying these patches ensures that these active ingredients precisely focus on stubborn eye concerns, elevating the effectiveness of your skincare routine.
  2. Instant Refreshment for Tired Eyes
    Harness the cooling and soothing properties of top-notch under-eye patches as the secret weapon against fatigue and puffiness. These patches create a miniature spa-like moment, delivering a serene experience revitalizes the eyes.
  3. Boosting Penetration and Absorption
    Under-eye patches are the perfect companions to any eye cream. They work together to elevate absorption levels. The patches make a protective shield, sealing in moisture and allowing the active ingredients of the eye cream to delve deeper. This effort maximizes the nourishing impact, ensuring the sensitive eye area reaps the full benefits.
  4. All-Encompassing Solutions for Eye Concerns
    Eye creams concentrate on long-term hydration, combating fine lines and dark circles. Simultaneously, patches yield immediate results by reducing puffiness, rejuvenating tired eyes, and brightening the under-eye area. Blend both for a dynamic duo for comprehensive care for the eyes.
  5. A Transcendent Self-Care Routine
    The finest under-eye mask patches are not just about skincare; it is a moment of abundant self-care. Revel in the indulgent experience of applying the patches. Enjoy the cooling sensation and gentle pressure, creating a soothing effect that alleviates stress and tension around the eyes. It’s more than skincare; it’s a small pampering that enhances overall well-being.

How to Use Under-Eye Patches?

Using under-eye gels is a simple process. Follow these steps to incorporate them into the skincare routine effectively:

  • Start with Clean Skin: Before applying under-eye gels, ensure the face is clean and free from makeup or skincare products. Several people like using eye gels suddenly after their morning or night skincare regimen. However, they can also be used on a makeup-free face during the day while traveling, for example.
  • Open the Packaging: Carefully open the packaging of the under-eye gels – it’s essential to be gentle, so don’t damage or tear the patches.
  • Apply the Patches: Take a pair of under-eye gel patches and place one under each eye. Start from the inner corner and gently press it onto the skin, working your way to the outer corner. Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.
  • Relax and Leave Them: Once the gel patches are on, leave them on for the recommended time, 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Remove: Once time is up, gently remove the gel patches from the under-eye area. Dispose of the used patches.
  • Pat in the Remaining Serum: Last, pat the leftover serum on the face – this is the good stuff! Avoid rubbing the under-eye area.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Under-Eye Patches

  • Do not use a moisturizer or any cream on the face before applying these patches. This may reduce the product’s effectiveness.
  • Use it in the morning or at night before dozing off.
  • Use the leftover serum to massage the under-eye area.
  • Do not rinse the face immediately after removing the under-eye patch.
  • Avoid using these patches if using a face toner at that time.


Under-eye patches have many benefits and are easy to integrate into the skincare regimen. They have anti-aging benefits also and help hydrate & moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes. They are entirely safe for routine use, as the product is formulated with skin-friendly and nourishing ingredients that target specific skin problems.

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